PharmAbs is an academic platform at KU Leuven that focuses on antibody research, development and production. PharmAbs brings together critical mass in antibody research, a unique combination of competence and know-how and an impressive and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

PharmAbs has created a unique, state-of-the-art antibody technology platform open for R&D co-development projects with academic research groups and companies. Our core expertise is

  • target validation projects
  • the discovery and development of antibody-based therapeutic leads products
  • the development and validation of antibody-based immunoassays

Our fee-for-service antibody solutions for academic groups and companies include

  • generation of tailor-made mouse monoclonal antibodies
  • generation of human monoclonal antibodies
  • in vitro antibody production, purification and engineering (modification, fragmentation, labeling, conjugation,...)
  • antibody characterisation (Biacore, sequencing,...)
  • custom immunoassay development
  • 3D antibody - antigen modeling
  • antibody humanisation (CDR garfting and resurfacing)